September 26, 2023

15:00-16:00  September 26, 2023

*UTC/GMT +3 hours

  • The development of the foot.
  • Biomechanics and muscle engagement phases of the foot.
  • Compensations: common errors, long-term implications.
  • Testing and identifying movement issues.
  • Practical exercises for better ballet techniques.
  • The seminar’s aim is to introduce the anatomical and biomechanical aspects of the physical development of the body and provide a range of practical exercises for the correct development of the dancers’ feet and prevent the injuries . This course is presented by Dr. Denis Kablukov MD, a specialist in physiology and injury prevention working with young dancers and athletes.

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Program Description

This program is the second part of the injury prevention series with Dr. Denis Kablukov MD in which he explores the anatomical development of dancers’ feet, including poor foot arches and insufficient turnout. Focusing on the biometrics of the foot he examines the movements of the metatarsophalangeal joints, transverse tarsal joint and ankle. Dr. Kablukov will look into the way muscles are engaged and how to execute the ballet movements in order to prevent injuries and will touch upon the issues of compensation and how to prevent the long-term consequences of incorrect technique.

Bolshoi Ballet Academy - Online Teacher Training Seminar, Vaganova Method, Level 1, Beginner Level with master Teacher Ekaterina Trunina, featuring Doctor Denis Kablukov MD

This program is presented by Dr. Denis Alexandrovich Kablukov, MD

Dr. Denis Kablukov MD is a specialist in physiology and injury prevention working with young dancers and athletes.

Vladivostok State Medical University, 2012, specialising in Paediatrics;
Internship at the Pacific State Medical University, 2013, specialising in Neurology;
Residency at the Pacific State Medical University, 2015, specialising in Manual Therapy;
Professional retraining at the Pacific State Medical University, 2018, specialising in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine;
Professional retraining at the Pacific State Medical University, 2018, specialising in Public Health and Healthcare;
Postgraduate studies at the Pacific State Medical University, 2019, in the field of Clinical Medicine.

Experience in working with dance academy students and athletes:

Chief physician of the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre and a doctor accompanying the ballet troupe – 2016-2020.

Founder of the company HEALMO – from 2020 to the present.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Prevention of injuries among dancers and choreography students;
  • Development of physical capabilities;
  • Maintenance of physical fitness;
  • Rehabilitation after injuries;
  • Medical training for dance teachers and choreographers;
  • Children’s education;
  • Development of tools and appliances to aid the young dancers

This lecture will focus on:

  • The distinctions between a ballerina’s foot and a regular person’s foot, emphasizing the importance of shaping a ballerina’s foot from a young age for professional development.
  • Steps in Formation: the process of creating the correct conditions for professional adaptations in ballet, stressing the role of regular exercises in shaping the foot.
  • Adaptation of the Body: How movement habits lead to posture, which, in turn, affects body structure. Emphasize the significance of proper foot development.
  • Anatomy and Function: The importance of understanding foot anatomy and the functions of static and dynamic movement.
  • Pronation and Supination: These foot movements and their impacts on muscle function and foot stability.
  • Insufficient Flexibility: The consequences of inadequate ankle flexibility, including pain, deformations, and an increased risk of injury.
  • Balancing Exercises: Introducing balance simulators for foot and ankle development, highlighting their role in stabilizing the foot and ankle joint.

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