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Florence, Italy – July 8th to July 26th, 2024
Lugano, Switzerland – July 29st to August 2nd, 2024
Tokyo, Japan – August 12-17, 2024
Moscow, Russia – August 12-22, 2024

Video auditions are open. Please submit a video of the student dancing. It can be a simple recording made with smart phone. Follow the link for more details.

Online Programs

The most comprehensive, exclusively structured  teacher training seminar system designed to demonstrate,  explain and master all the details  of Vaganova syllabus applied to  each level of yearly studies at Bolshoi Academy.

We introduce an in depth  pedagogical approach, practised successfully for the  past 250 years by the generations of teachers and students.

Each seminar is designed to give teaching tools required for establishing and successfully running a dance studio.

Classical ballet seminar levels from pre ballet to professional
Character dance seminars
Historical dance seminars
Partnering seminars
Injury prevention lectures

We offer certified seminars for teachers and examinations for students.

Live demonstration by academy students.
Piano accompaniment music included
Video examinations conducted by the faculty
Practical and theoretical presentation of the syllabus
Questions and answers at the end of every session

Online Teacher Training Seminar

Character Dance, Level 1 (Beginner Classes)

December 13-17, 2023

16:00-17:30* Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (December 13, 14 and 15)
16:00-19:00* Saturday and Sunday (December 16 and 17)
UTC/GMT +3 hours; Difference: 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time

Auditions for Programs 2024

London, UK — November 12th, 2023

São Paulo — January 12, 2024

Lugano, Switzerland — February 4th, 2024

Florence, Italy — February 11th, 2024

Mexico — March 2nd and 3rd, 2024

Milan, Italy — dates to be announced;

Tokyo, Japan — dates to be announced;