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September 21–25, 2022; Registration open

16:00-17:30* September 21st, 22nd and 23rd
16:00-19:00* September 24th and 25th

* Moscow Standard Time;
UTC/GMT +3 hours; Difference: 2 hours ahead of London

  • Bolshoi Ballet Academy Vaganova curriculum (6+ y.o.)
  • Practical classes with Academy’s full-time faculty methodologist
  • Simultaneous translation into English (Japanese and Spanish by request)
  • Live Demonstration by Bolshoi Academy Students
  • Official certificate
  • A syllabus of the Pre-Ballet program is included as part of handout
  • Original piano accompaniment music recording is included as part of handout
  • Non-certified option available
  • Written and video examinations
    • The seminar’s aim is to reach a systematic, consequent, and methodically complete preparation for the career of ballet teacher by following the professional training Programs of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy of Moscow. This course is taught by Professor Tatiana Ryzhova, the leading methodologist of Bolshoi Ballet Academy and a supervisor of courses on the methodology of teaching classical dance for the beginner and intermediate levels.

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Program Description


Establishing the professional foundation for the teaching method of Pre Ballet for the young pupils. Development of motor skills, coordination, and musicality. This workshop has four important parts:

1. Parterre gymnastics – development of the physical ability
2. Rhythmics – develops a sense of rhythm in children. Helps to move in accordance with the character, tempo, and rhythm of a particular piece of music
3. Classical dance -preparation for mastering the basics of classical dance. Familiarization with the elementary vocabulary of classical dance, setting the body, arms, legs, head in correct positions.
4. Dance etudes – Exploring various dances and choreographies for children: Polonaise, Menuet, Gavot, Polka, etc.

This program is presented by Professor Tatiana Ryzhova

Tatiana Ryzhova

Tatiana Ryzhova  was born in Vladivostok. In 1988 she graduated from the Perm State Choreographic School in the class of teacher L.G. Ulanova After graduation she performed solo parts of the classical repertoire and leading parts in the ballets of the modern repertoire.

Tatiana participated in productions of the ballets Green and Opus X by Stanton Welsh, Between Heaven and Earth by Trey Mackintyre, Lea by Alexei Ratmansky. 

Since 2009, Tatiana has been a professor at the Department of Classical Dance at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

She is currently the supervisor of diploma works for students of the pedagogical faculty, magistracy and the department of additional education of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. She also teaches classical ballet and supervises courses on the methodology of teaching classical dance for the beginner and intermediate levels.

As a ballet teacher of the Bolshoi Academy, Tatiana conducted master classes in Italy (Turin, 2013), Japan (Osaka, 2014), was a member of the jury of a ballet competition in Japan (Tokyo, 2014). In 2014-2021 worked on the RAF BBASI summer program in the USA.

She had also taught courses in classical dance methodology for beginner and intermediate levels and middle grades in New York.

In 2019, she completed her postgraduate studies at the Moscow State Academy of Arts with a degree in Art Studies (Ballet Studies). Author of a number of articles on the history of choreographic art, published in the scientific journals.

Tatiana is happy to lead the international body of teachers and dance enthusiast during our online workshops designed to establish the connection to the unique style of teaching Vaganova syllabus at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Course Fee: Teacher Training Seminar, Vaganova Curriculum Pre-Ballet for 6+ y.o.

1 Week Intensive

  • $1000 USD (certificate)
  • $ 700 USD (no certificate)

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