Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive Moscow, Russia Guidelines

The world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy offers students the opportunity to dance and train in Moscow, Russia. Students who meet the required level of technique will be eligible for a cultural dance experience on a trip to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. The program will run during the months of July and August and dancers may come for one week or up to eight weeks. Dancers will take Ballet classes with the teachers of the Bolshoi Academy and live in the Bolshoi Academy dormitory as many famous Russian dancers have for centuries. There will be three classes per day Monday through Friday.

AGE REQUIREMENT: 14 YEARS – (* younger may apply)


The checklist below is for your use, and does not need to be returned. It will help you keep track of all documentation, which must be submitted to the school. If these forms are not submitted by the due dates, you may not be permitted to take classes. The additional required forms may be submitted via mail or email. If you submit your documentation via email, please make sure it is readable and addressed to:

Maria Druganova
Department for International Program

The following documentation must be sent in via mail, fax, or email as we require a physical copy to be kept at the School:

  • $125 Registration Fee
  • Program Deposit
  • Payment of remaining balance
  • Actual passports
  • Scanned Copy of Student’s Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Physical Examination Form completed by Primary Care Physician for International Travel
  • Copy of Insurance Card

Complete initial registration including:

  • Parental Authorization
  • Visa Application

305 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11211


The Bolshoi Ballet Academy and Russian Ballet International are very excited to bring you another summer of our Intensive Master Classes in Moscow. Since its creation, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy has been at the forefront of providing students with the widest range of dancing opportunities. The program explores innovative balletic movement, and provides students the opportunity to work with staff teachers at the Academy. It provides classical training for dancers to improve their capabilities and expand their technical range. The program is all encompassing; students can improve in their technical abilities, while growing as artists by being exposed to new and creative instructors. These programs were developed for students that want to push beyond the realm of technique and tradition. It is designed for dancers who are interested in exploring the foundations of ballet movement. These programs are high energy. Students must be ready to work hard, dance hard, and emerge as new, unique and versatile artists. The intensives empower the students to challenge themselves to become working artists in the dance world.

We need to receive a scan of your passport. Please email it to If you do not have a scanner, you may take a photo with your phone or camera and email it to us. Make sure that your name, passport number, date of birth and signature can all be seen clearly.

(1) In the “Subject” line of your email, please write the following: Your name, Date of birth, Number of weeks you are registered for, Dates of your travel.

  • Example – Subject: MISTY COPELAND, 7/12/85, 3 Weeks, July 28-August 17

(2) In the body of the email, please include the following information:

  • 1. Name as it appears on your passport
  • 2. Date of birth
  • 3. Country of citizenship
  • 4. Country of permanent residency
  • 5. Place of birth
  • 6. City and state where you currently reside

IMPORTANT! Your passport must expire at least one year and a half after the date of your departure.

If it expires prior you must renew it as soon as possible. If you will need your passport between now and your departure to Russia, please let us know immediately. If you do not have a passport or are not an American citizen, please contact us for further instruction.


The first page of the form is fairly self-explanatory. Complete the section with all of your personal information first, being sure to provide ALL information requested. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the student and parent(s) are very important. The next section is Emergency Contact and medical information. Please do not indicate one of the parents as the emergency contact. We need another person, in case the parents are not reachable. Please provide us with the name and telephone number of your primary care physician. This is in addition to the doctor’s information that will appear on the required physical examination form. Please be sure to provide ALL requested insurance information.

DO NOT FORGET to sign all releases and agreements on the back of the registration form.


Students accepted into the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Exchange will be staying at the Bolshoi Academy building in Russia. The complex is complete with dorm style suites that are fully furnished, including a bed, dresser, desk and chair, mini-fridge (available), and a shared bathroom. Each Residence Hall has a laundry room, and social/study lounges with wireless Internet. Students will need to bring their own linens, as well as any additional items they will need for the duration of their stay. The Bolshoi Academy is committed to providing all students with a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment.

Student Housing Safety Polices (Ages 14 +)

Students aged 14 + will be accepted into the Bolshoi program. Should any exception be made, with regard to age, it is done with the understanding no alterations in procedure will be expected. All students will have a 9:00 PM curfew at the housing facility.

Students may not leave the housing facility in groups of less than 2. Students are limited to a specific geographic area around the housing facility, and are not permitted outside of that area. When students leave the building they must sign out, list their destination and expected return time. Students who fail to follow these and the other rules of the housing facility will be confined to housing after class, except to purchase food and other necessities, for a duration determined by the Head Resident Advisor.

Room Assignments

Every effort will be made to accommodate roommate requests, but we cannot guarantee them. If you do not request a roommate, or we cannot accommodate your request, Bolshoi Ballet Academy will attempt to share roommate information at least one week prior to your arrival. In the event of a roommate conflict, Bolshoi Ballet Academy will attempt to resolve any issues, but reserves the right to relocate roommates to another room similar to the room to which they are currently assigned.


Three meals a day will be provided by the Bolshoi at their campus cafeteria. All meals are at the specified time provided by the Bolshoi with the expectation students will responsibly arrive for meals at the defined times.