Bolshoi Academy Teacher Training Seminar




September 22 – 26, 2021

  • Bolshoi Ballet Academy curriculum.
  • Practical classes with Academy’s full time faculty methodologist
  • Official certificate

The seminar aim is to reach a systematic, consequent and methodically complete preparation to the career of ballet teacher by following the professional training Programs of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy of Moscow. This course is taught by Professor Egenya Kazeeva, the leading methodologist of Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Years 1  Bolshoi Training (Beginner Level)

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Program Description


Establishing the professional foundation for teaching method of Classical Ballet for beginner classes at Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Development of motor skills, coordination and musicality. Examination of the positions of the legs, arms and back for the beginner training. Covering the development of the exercise at the barre, center and petit allegro in Vaganova technique for the 1st grade.

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