International Teacher Training Seminar


 Teacher Training Program
Urbino University, Italy
July 16-20, 2018

  • Bolshoi Ballet Academy curriculum.
  • Practical classes with Academy’s faculty and students of the Summer Intensive program.
  • Official certificate

The seminar aim is to reach a systematic, consequent and methodically complete preparation to the career of ballet teacher by following the professional training Programs of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy of Moscow. This course is taught by Professor L. V. Kovalenko, the leading methodologist of Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Years 1 to 5 Bolshoi Training (Beginner/ Intermediate Levels)

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Program Description


The Seminar consist of theory and practical courses during the Bolshoi Summer intensive Program.

1st, 2nd, 3rd year of Training (Classes for Beginner):

Setting of the professional bases, cultivation of initial skills of coordination, beginning working with the artistic aspects, the expression and the musicality of a performance in relation with the age of the participant and the objective of the class; disclosure of creative individuality.

4th, 5th year of training (Intermediate classes):

Work on adaptation and perception for the performing of more complex movements and their assembly; further development of the musicality, expression, artistry and individuality in the performance.

Monday to Friday 10:OO AM to 3:00 PM

Tuition: 1000$
Housing in Urbno available upon request.

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